Crossword not loading puzzles? Clear your browser's cache to solve this problem immediately. See below for instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a game is not loading, is freezing up, or is running slowly?

Please try the following two steps, which fix these issues for most players:

First, click here to download and install the latest version of Flash for your browser.

Next, clear your cache by following these instructions, which will work for most popular browsers:

  1. 1) Open your browser, and while holding the CTRL and Shift keys on your keyboard, press the Delete key. This will make a new window appear.
  2. 2) In the new window, put a check in only the box that says Cache (some browsers say "Temporary Internet Files" instead of Cache).
  3. 3) Click the Delete or Clear button at the bottom of this window.
Sometimes a game doesn't fit into my screen. How can I see the entire game without scrolling?

You can use your browser's zoom function to change the size of the game window. To do this, hold the CTRL key (or command key on Apple computers) and push the + and - buttons to zoom in and out. If this doesn't do anything, click anywhere in the background of the web page outside the game window, then try again. Most browsers also allow you to change zoom options in the browser menu.

What do I do if I am still having trouble playing a game?

We always recommend keeping your browser updated to the latest version for maximum compatibility. As a last resort, you can also try playing the games in a different browser.

Click the following links to download the latest version of these popular browsers, which all work with our games:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer
My game is not saving my progress or settings. How do I fix this?

This problem is due to the way Flash is set up to save your progress information on your computer. To fix this, please try these steps:

1: Click here to open your Flash settings in a new window.

2: In the Global Storage Settings panel, make sure the bottom 2 boxes are checked, and that the slider is set at a value above 0 KB, then close this window.

This will not recover your previous progress or settings, but this will make sure your information is saved in future games.

If these settings were already correct, then you may be using some kind of system cleaner or security software that deletes Flash storage or Flash cookies from your system. This will result in lost progress or settings. Every program like this is different, but many have options where you can prevent the cleaner or scanner from deleting Flash cookies or Flash storage.

How is the Crossword game scored?

Scoring in Crossword is based on number of cells completed without help.

For every cell completed without help, you get 10 points. Maximum score you may get in the game is the number of cells multiplied by 10.

In Crossword, what is the difference between "Regular" and "Master" modes?

In "Regular" mode, incorrect letters will be marked in red. In "Master" mode, incorrect letters will not be marked differently.

What are badges, and how do I earn them?

Badges are a way to track your game achievements. To see how to earn them, click the "view my profile" link next to your name and move the mouse over the badges to see how to earn them. Be sure to check both the Mastery and Social tabs to see all the badges you can earn! All display names must follow The Washington Post guidelines here.

What are points, and how do I earn them?

Points are a fun way to track your overall game progress. You can earn points by reaching certain score goals in games. To see the score goals and how many points you will earn, click on a game name, then click the "Points" link located above and to the right of the "Play Now" button.

What do I do if I am using Chrome and no games load, or I see a message that Flash is disabled?

Type the following address into the Chrome address bar and press Enter: chrome://plugins

Look for "Adobe Flash Player", and if it is greyed out, click the link that says "Enable."

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